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Sinfonia de Montréal, un orchestre de musiciens passionnés-Missa-Solemn

Sinfonia de Montréal

A symphony orchestra bringing together passionate musicians

Sinfonia de Montreal, founded in 2001, is an orchestra comprised of musicians from various professional backgrounds who share a love for playing symphonic music. Under the direction of Maestro Louis Lavigueur, Sinfonia is comprised of over 70 musicians, many of which are alumnae of the OSJM (Montreal Symphony Youth Orchestra). 


Each year, Sinfonia offers programs showcasing a variety of classical repertoire, which includes lesser-known works as well as some of the most beloved symphonies. For more information, please visit Sinfonia’s concert series and order your tickets now !  

A passionate and inspiring conductor

At the beginning of each concert, Maestro Lavigueur takes time to speak to the audience about the upcoming concert works, in which he goes into detail about relevant themes and anecdotes. As a result, the public is presented with a better contextual and musical understanding of the program. 

These enlightening introductions help set the stage for a wonderful night of music.

Distinguished musical guests

To complement its regular concert series consisting of three annual programs, Sinfonia also has the honour of being invited to accompany soloists and choirs.

Since 2015, Sinfonia has had the privilege of accompanying the annual solo competition winner of the “Festival et Concours de musique classique de Lanaudière”.

In addition, Sinfonia regularly collaborates with choirs in the Montreal region, including Chœur classique de Montréal, Chœur polyphonique de Montréal, Ensemble vocal Polymnie and Petits chanteurs du Mont-Royal.

Would you like to join Sinfonia?

Sinfonia is continually seeking passionate musicians to join the orchestra.

Visit our recruitment page for more details.

Thanks to Our Collaborators

Claude Gingras, La Presse, June 7, 2010

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